According to there are currently 9-10 listings within my logic study area.

Low - $725,000
High - $2,650,000
Average price per square foot of listings - $318
Average price per square foot of recent sales - $298

Households and Income within El Dorado Hills

Total Number of Households - 9,020
Family Households - 7,502
Average Family Size - 3.57
Average Household Income - $159,848
Median Household Income - $115,567
Percentage Income Change Since 1990 - 105%
Percentage Income Change Since 2000 - 0%

Information from ReloHomeSearch

Most of the homes within the area are custom, and the architectural styles vary. The majority are contemporary modern styles, built within the last 20 years, with a surge in building over the past 10 years.

South Pointe is a gated community with large upscale custom homes and views of Folsom Lake. Real estate options include custom homes and custom lots. Homes from $975,000 and land from $375,000 to $2 million.